Morning Break: Trump’s Vaping Reversal? Meth Epidemic Lives On; Dogs Help Health

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The Trump administration may allow mint- and menthol-flavored vaping products to stay on the market after all. (Bloomberg)

Firefighters aren’t the only ones facing occupational health risks from the wildfires raging in California. (Kaiser Health News)

Former Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), the longest-serving African American in Congress and a decades-long supporter of single-payer healthcare, died Sunday at age 90. (The Hill)

The forgotten overdose epidemic: in western U.S. states, meth killed more people than fentanyl in 2017. (National Center for Health Statistics)

Should family members get to watch relatives die in the ICU? An MD with personal experience discusses in The New York Times.

Price tag in developing countries for the newly approved BPaL regimen for drug-resistant tuberculosis: $1,040, more than twice what advocacy groups have said is affordable. (Reuters)

Could a doctor’s disposition play a role in the placebo effect? (STAT)

Current and anticipated closures of several device sterilization facilities that use ethylene oxide may lead to serious shortages, the FDA warned Friday.

Did a tourist attraction’s thermal imaging camera really spot a woman’s breast cancer? Radiologists say it’s no substitute for mammography. (NBC News)

What politicians aren’t telling voters about their promises to fix the healthcare system. (KevinMD)

“Money disorders” are real, and could be the result of underlying psychological issues. (CNBC)

Bad news this Halloween week: unfortunately, there’s still no real scientific evidence that eating a lot of chocolate has any health benefits. (Washington Post)

With the beginning of another work week upon us, here are some tips for combatting the “Sunday scaries,” or the anticipatory anxiety linked to the end of the weekend. (CNN)

Doggone it: NPR explains why owning a dog is linked to better cardiovascular health and survival.

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last updated 10.28.2019