Quarantine Eating Trends That Are Really Bad For You

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed the way we live our lives in many aspects. It has altered how we interact with each other, affected our sleeping patterns, and most importantly, it also impacted our eating habits.

For fear of getting the novel coronavirus, many of us have switched our diets by prioritizing healthier food options. After all, many reports have indicated that COVID-19 targets people with low immunity and those who have unhealthy lifestyles.

Unfortunately, many people have also developed different eating habits amid the quarantine period. And unbeknownst to them, some of these eating habits are actually bad for them. Dr. Axe has pointed out the different eating habits that are trending at present but are really bad for the body, especially during these vulnerable times.

Stress Eating

Given the difficult situation the world is facing at present, it’s not uncommon for many people to easily feel overwhelmed. Some turn to food for comfort and to ease their stress and anxiety. While it does provide temporary relief, the problem is the long-term consequences that come with it. Stress eating could lead to feelings of guilt and weight gain.

Frequent Snacking

Since businesses are closed during the lockdown, many employees are working from home. While it’s good that people get to comfortably carry out their tasks within the confines of their homes, the drawback here is they get too comfortable and mindlessly increase their snacking habits since they have full access to their kitchens while in quarantine. Again, this could lead to weight gain and even stress eating.

Consuming More Junk Food

With the ongoing pandemic, many people are opting for convenient food items when doing some grocery shopping. Many people have been stocking up on ultra-processed, packaged and convenient foods since they have longer shelf life. The danger here is that consuming loads of junk food has been linked to various conditions and a higher risk of death.

Dr. Axe has shared some tips on how to do away with these unhealthy eating habits. For stress eating, he recommends finding a healthier outlet for our emotions, such as walking outdoors, painting, reading, or even just organizing things inside the house. For frequent snacking, his advice is to keep track of what we eat. Lastly, the clinical nutritionist said we should always choose healthier food options instead of junk food, especially during these difficult times.

Eating woman

The time women consume calories have been found affecting their risk of developing heart diseases. Pixabay