COVID-19 Update: Brazil Removes Data To Date, Updates Only Last 24-Hour Cases

When the entire world is keeping a watch on the updated COVID-19 data from the nations around the world, Brazil has taken down months of data on the epidemic suddenly on Friday and reloaded the new version with hidden figures the next day, June 6.

The Health Ministry of the nation has removed the details of the Coronavirus status in Brazil documented state-wise and municipality-wise over time on website. President Jair Bolsonaro defended this removal of the online data and said that the previous data “does not reflect the moment the country is in” and changes were needed to the official record-keeping.

“Other actions are underway to improve the reporting of cases and confirmation of diagnoses,” the president wrote on Twitter.

The Brazilian health ministry refrained from providing the exact count of confirmed cases, which is way more than any other nation besides the U.S., accounting to over 672,000. Also, the death toll remained unrevealed, which has surpassed Italy with a total of almost 36,000 cases this week.

The new layout was uploaded only with a fraction of the data that only reflected the deaths, confirmed cases, and recoveries for the last 24 hours. Until Friday, there were 27,075 new confirmed cases and 904 COVID-19 deaths as reported by the ministry late Saturday. The government has already been facing huge criticism for the delayed availability of daily data. The update that it used to provide around 5 p. m. was being lately updated at 10 p.m., which put the reliability of the data into questions.

“Transparency of information is a powerful instrument for combating the epidemic,” Brazilian Press Association’s heat Paulo Jeronimo de Sousa said. She came up with the statement in a note alleging the government of making an attempt to “silence the press at this late hour.”

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro has tried taking control of the dangers of COVID-19 by replacing medical practitioners with military officials in the health ministry while not advocating state lockdowns any more to fight back the epidemic.

Currently, Brazil ranks second so far as the number of reported COVID-19 cases across the globe is concerned with the United States still topping the list. However, the sudden removal of the old data and the display of the new layout with updated data indicates the warning signs and concerns for Brazil.