Virtual Morality: Top Video Games That Lets You Make Moral Choices

Video games have come so far when it comes to storytelling and teaching lessons. Here are some of the best ones that provide you choices that may or may not walk the thin line between good and evil.

Top Video Games That Provide Moral Choices

When “Pong” was released as an arcade game back in 1972, no one predicted how complicated video games would be nearly five decades later. And they’d be forgiven for it since the game itself couldn’t be simpler. However, as the medium evolved and technology became more advanced, video games became so much more than two-dimensional graphics depicting a table tennis game. It wasn’t long before it became an ideal medium for people to tell complex stories that explore our tendencies as humans.

Morality, for example, has been heavily explored in video games, depicting a world that isn’t black or white, but grey. As such, here are some of the top video games that gives you that choice and lets you walk the fine line between good and evil:


Nothing can quite explore moral choices than being a superhero. “Infamous” provides just that. In the games, you either use your powers for good and evil, and the world around you will change accordingly.


Made by one man, “Undertale” is a striking and heartbreaking tale that explores love, friendship and choices. And boy, what choices they are, because while the game is the first RPG that you can complete without killing anyone, going the “genocidal” route will literally push the game to make you feel bad about the choices you made.

Fallout 3

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the world of “Fallout” is a difficult one to live in so you are faced with difficult choices where you can either do something for the “greater good” or prioritize yourself above all else. The game even rewards you with abilities based on the decisions you made.


Set in a steampunk London, the game’s morality system is one of the biggest mechanics in it because the more you kill, the more violent the ending is.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Since the game has you playing an outlaw in the Great American Frontier, it’s no surprise that the game has its own morality system. And although a bit more linear, every small interaction and action you make counts toward your overall karma, which would then determine what kind of ending you’ll get.

Video Game

For the troubled, video games can provide a lot of comfort through its visuals and beautifully-crafted stories and game worlds. Pixabay