VFX Designer Creates COVID-19 Video Game As A ‘Stress Ball’ For People

During such a ridiculous time, a VFX designer reportedly made an equally ridiculous video game, one that can act as a stress ball during this time of the pandemic.

VFX Designer Makes COVID-19 Video Game

Despite it being his first attempt at making a video game, Dan Gaud has actually made something equally ridiculous as the time that it’s been made in.

This is because Gaud, who works as a VFX developer and creative director, recently created “Operation COVID-19,” which is a hyper-kinetic, gravity-defying and fast-paced button masher that’ll manage to get your heart racing and your blood pumping even in short bursts of game play. Of course, since Gaud himself is a VFX developer himself, the world’s visual art is also beautifully rendered and is one that can shock, horrify and make you laugh all at the same time.

As a veteran visual-effects artist and commercial director that moved to North Vancouver in order to get closer to trees and nature in general, Gaud’s video game-making experience is basically zilch since his professional career has mainly focused on the film and the television industry.

However, like many working in the creative field, his career dried up during the pandemic, leaving him with plenty of time in his hands. This led to him playing around with the Unreal Engine, which of course led to his very first video game.

Per Gaud, the game is made to act as a sort of “stress ball” for everyone because the game places you in a house that’s under siege by COVID-19 as a synth soundtrack pulses in the background. Armed with a gun that fires toilet papers, you are now tasked with fighting the virus as you jump, run and avoid obstacles.

However, even though he’s selling digital versions of the game online for a dollar, Gaud said that he made it in order to just learn something new as well as help others let off some steam.

“I wanted to make something visual that you can throw your frustration at, in a way. The virus is microscopic, it’s not tangible, so I kind of made it a visual representation. It’s like a virtual stress ball,” Gaud said.

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For the troubled, video games can provide a lot of comfort through its visuals and beautifully-crafted stories and game worlds. Pixabay