MD vs DO vs Caribbean for Medical School

If you want to become a doctor in the U.S., there are 3 main medical school paths to choose from: MD, DO, or Caribbean. Unfortunately, there’s a terribly large amount of misinformation regarding the pros and cons of each, and which you should ultimately choose. In classic Med School Insiders fashion, we’ll cut the fat, debunk the myths, and give it to you straight. No matter what you may have heard, it DOES matter which medical school path you take. It frustrates me that people’s egos and pride get in the way of providing sound advice to pre-meds who deserve to know the truth.

DO vs MD:
Why is Medical School So Competitive?
Truth About Caribbean Medical Schools:
Research Explained Playlist:
Most Competitive Specialties:

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00:35 – Why Are There Three Medical School Options?
02:25 – The Data on Medical Schools
04:39 – The Data Limitations No One Talks About
05:00 – Student Caliber Matters
06:20 – Not All Residency Matches Are Created Equal
08:06 – The Residency Merger
09:51 – Dispelling Myths & Misconceptions
10:00 – Holistic Medicine
10:31 – The DO Stigma
11:41 – A Moment of Honesty


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